Kateryna Bugayevska

Katia (32) was born in Odessa and now divides her time between the city and neighboring China. The Black Sea is an important part of Odessa’s inner life. It enhances the friendly nature of the people but the city, at the same time, is static. Katia spent a few years studying anthropology in China before returning to work in the media. Whenever she is back in the Ukraine, she feels that Odessa is frozen back in the early years following the fall of the Soviet Union.

During Katia’s childhood, people in Odessa used to share things with their neighbors, both in daily life and for celebratory purposes. Their homes have been maintained as open spaces, transformed into cultural hubs for young artists. The war with Russia has prevented many normal activities from taking place, for example, flying directly to Russia, a country that is culturally very close.

As a child it's easier to live through differences


Much of the local economy spins around the Port of Odessa 


The beach keeps people happy


Frozen memories from the Soviet era

Anthropological research at home