Renara Shamsiyeva

Renara (32) is a sustainable fashion designer in Baku. Her work on patchwork and recycled denim was influenced both by her family and the local traditions from a land where many ethnic groups used to live together. 

But her childhood happened in the shadow of the conflict in Azerbaijan; that makes it easier for her to be emphatic with the current conflicts. The radio show Renara is directing adds the social realities of Azerbaijan to her artist solitary spirit and to her global mindset.

1. DJI_0206_ret1. DJI_0206_ret

Flame towers, the symbols of the modern Azerbaijan and its ambitions to become the Dubai of the region.

Fashion as a lifetime passion

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Sustainable fashion in the making

Renara's inspiration coming from traditional Azeri patterns

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Radio as a window to the world

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Living with the history of the Caucasus

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