Elsa Furtado

Elsa (30) is a French artist living in Baku and an actress at the first independent theater in Azerbaijan, ADO. Born in France, she is attracted to culture and the Russian language, which is how she ended up in the Causasus.

In a way, Ado is a reflection of the experiments taking place in Azerbaijani society; it is searching to portray life without clichés as much as the country is trying to rediscover its identity. Yet there is no extremism in either. Elsa comes with a different energy and is happy if people of all ages understand a bit from every expression of life that they transform into art. And they will be back.

Living the life and performing without a script. 


The world is a small place, you can sit on it.


Growing roots in a place found on Wikipedia.

Ado style, life without clichés


Baku, Azerbaijan

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