Black Sea Diaries

The Black Sea region gets to the public attention too often, due to its conflicts. We are aiming to bring into the spotlight the human factor instead, and reveal the common human struggles. Our view is to build confidence among peoples in the region and shape an image that goes beyond power politics. 

We are travelling to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine aiming to counterbalance the one story of power and conflicts, and reveal the stories of ordinary people, from their daily lives to socio-political views.

BSD Team

Laurențiu Garofeanu

Executive producer, director & photographer
With over 15 years’ experience in documentary film-making, Laurentiu has been commissioned to film and photograph news coverage and human-interest stories for international news corporations and documentaries for leading television networks. 

Adelina Dabu

Assistant producer, communications & foreign affairs
With a background in international affairs and politics, Adelina is an arts and civic engagement enthusiast. She believes that telling stories of people makes foreign affairs more humane. 

Petre Ghiocel

Production assistant
With a background of photography and motion, has been involved over the past years with numerous events websites, artists’ video projects and live concert visuals in Bucharest.

Diana Rădulescu

For over 5 years Diana has been an editor for short fiction films, documentaries and other video projects. 

Alexandru Bălășescu

Anthropologist, writer and curator, lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. He received his PhD form University of California, Irvine. He was born in Romania and previously lived in France, US, Iran, Bahrain, and Turkey.

Anca Bratu

Production assistant
With an interest in investigative documentaries, Anca is pulled deep in the stories she’s researching. Anca is still at the beginning of her career but she’s stealing every bit of information from the journalist who surrounds her.

Radu Moldoveanu

Production assistant/Editor
As an independent photographer and photojournalist, Radu has taken part in many projects with diversified themes over the last couple of years.

Catalina Radu

Production assistant
With a background in Advertising and Marketing, Catalina is a documentary enthusiast. She believes that being part of the production concept and feeling the "backstage" experience, is the best and the real part making documentaries.

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