Ramon (41) is an artist from Romania. He was born in Tuzla village, in Dobrogea, on the Black Sea coast. He is part of a mixed family – his father is Turkish-Muslim and his mother is Romanian.

Ramon now lives in Bucharest giving expression to his artistic view in social activism. He visually emphasizes contemporary humanist ideas and their implicit controversies, and works with local NGOs on citizenship, activism and participation, politics of memory. o


Family members on the beach, before the WWII (1932)

Ceremony for communist pioneers in primary school (1982)

”Magical communism” – Reshaping memories, oil on canvas (2016)


In his studio in an old factory building in Bucharest (2017)

Casing childhood memories in Tuzla (2017)

“Cold baths”, oil on canvas (2015)


Black Sea shore aerial view from Tuzla (2017)

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