Vlad (21) and Petru (22) are artists from The Republic of Moldova. They create graffiti, clothes, stickers and other objects they find meaningful for creative expression. For them, street art should be sources of daily inspiration for citizens.

It is more of an adventure in Moldova now. Vlad and Petru are happy with the opportunities offered by a city like Chisinau where there is still much to be done in their field, yet they would enhance professional experiences in the West. They find Moldova an unfinished project largely due to corruption. It is missing the WOW factor.


Chisinau, an unfinished business

Looking for the WOW factor.

Street art should be a source of inspiration for passers-by.


You can find inspiration everywhere, especially where people do not take time to observe.


There is plenty of space for creative exploration in Chisinau.

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